Sunday, November 20, 2011

Amazing Reviews for My Sister Is My Best Friend

I am so very happy to share the following great reviews for
 My Sister Is My Best Friend

Review Written by Nancy Stewart:

Nicole Weaver's children's book, My Sister is My Best Friend: A Trilingual Story, is a whimsy, fresh faced and full of confection. Yet, when one thinks about the book, it is soon evident the story has an important message. It is an homage to sisterhood even, and especially, at such a callow age.

The three languages, English, Spanish and French add to the globalness, and the girls become "everygirl." Similarities are so much more important than differences in today's tiny world, and Nicole's books prove this to be true.

The happy mood is captured beautifully by Clara Batton Smith's yummy watercolors. The sisters are dressed alike and are delighted with the day and the outing with each other and their mother. I particularly like the city feel of the illustrations.

Nicole dedicated the story to her three sisters, and the love she feels for them shines through within the book's pages. Delightfully, in fact.

This is a gorgeous read all the way around. You're guaranteed to love it! 


 Review Written by Donna McDine:
Come explore the wonderful world of sisterhood both together and with mother in Nicole Weaver's latest children's book, My Sister Is My Best Friend. The playful antics of the sisters along with the vibrant illustrations brings their lives into focus. The security of knowing that neither is alone in this vast world with the companionship and love of a sister is heartwarming. 

My Sister Is My Best Friend is a trilingual story told in English, Spanish, and French making for a delightful reading and learning experience. Nicole Weaver tells a story of the simplicities of enjoying one's sister with gratitude, bringing back fond memories of my own childhood with my twin sister and our unique shared experiences.

Clara Batton Smith's delightful illustrations show the love of both sisters making the heart glow. 


Review Written by Penelope Cole:

My Sister is My Best Friend, a picture book by Nicole Weaver and illustrated by Clara Batton Smith, was a surprising treat. What surprised me was that it is written in trilingual form. Yes, each page of the story has three versions, written in English, Spanish, and French. If you and your child are bi-lingual, you'll have fun reading this book and figuring out what the words in the third language mean. My daughter read it to me in English and Spanish, and then I read it to her in French.

The story itself is very sweet. It celebrates the delight these girls have in growing up with a twin sister who is clearly a best friend and fun playmate. The girls laugh, play, pretend, romp, help their mother, and enjoy outings together. It is sisterhood served up in a double helping.

The illustrations add to the fun of the story. In each panel you see the two sisters happily playing together and having a great time. But it's not all about play. They also help their mother, as they care for each other, and even play with their big fluffy dog. Their delight and enjoyment of each other is clearly evident.

This is one book that you have to read at least three times to fully appreciate -- in English, Spanish, and French.