Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hello all, I want to share with you a great read! I had a chance to write a review for this timely book: ' I AM MIXED' written by my favorite Haitian actress, Garcelle Beauvais and co/author Sebastian A. Jones. I am Haitian American and also have three mixed children. I recommend the book for all children, because it teaches children from all races that we are all the same. Hope you enjoy reading the review.

My heart is singing with glee after reading I am Mixed. I am especially happy for the many mixed race children, because they now have a book they can identify with. I wish this book was around when my kids were young.

The authors Sebastian A. Jones and Garcelle Beauvais have done a great job writing this important book. The story is about twins Jay and his sister Nia. The authors portray the twins like any other children, living life and doing the same type of things all children do, regardless of race, creed, or color.

I love the part of the story where Nia talks about being asked funny questions. Here’s an example:

When I go to school, I get asked funny things. Like, Your hair is bendy like curly, wurly straws. It is not straight like Sally’s or thick like Lenore’s.

The reply Nia gives is right on:

I say, I am all these things and so much more. I am all things fine and fair and coarse. And beautiful brown.

After having raised three mixed race children, I have learned to be kind when people ask stupid questions. I still remember, the day one woman, had the nerve to ask me if I was my daughter’s nanny. I did not get upset; I simply smiled and said no.

Mixed race children often have a difficult time identifying with their parents, because society wants to define which parent they should identify with. I loved it when Tiger Woods took a stand and said he is both black and Asian. My three children had to deal with the same type of issues.

I think the best way to help mixed children handle the pressures of being mixed is for the Mom and Dad to have a strong love for each other. All children regardless of race need to observe a strong family bond. That type of stability will help weather all of society’s curb balls. In my family, hubby and I often spoke honestly to our children about any questions regarding race issues. We were able to diffuse all the negatives that were hurled their way.

I believe strongly in the old adage: A family that plays together stays together. In the book, the authors did a great job showing the family having fun together.

This charming book will be a great resource for all families. People in general need to learn we are all the same. I think the authors portrayed that very well.

My favorite part of the book is:

I am the best from all over the world. I am like every boy and girl.

The illustrations by James C. Webster are top notch. As you move through each page, the artwork grabs and holds your attention.

I recommend this book for every home, because all children can learn that we all the same.


  1. This sounds like a lovely book, Nicole.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I agree, the book is awesome. I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Great review Nicole. This looks like such a winner.

    1. Hi Kit,

      The book is for sure a winner. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. An important book with a timely topic. I Am Mixed will go a long way to answer questions and uphold kids of mixed parentage. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Nicole!

    1. Nancy,

      I so appreciate you stopping by. Yes, this is a much needed book. I think a lot of parents with biracial children will put the book to good use.

  4. I can think of several mothers who would buy this book. Thanks for the review, Nicole.

  5. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for letting me know, and I appreciate you stopping by.

  6. I agree with Nancy Stewart that this is a timely topic. All kids need to learn about accepting others regardless of their ethnic background.

  7. Janet,

    Thanks for stopping by, you made my day. The support is always so appreciated!