Sunday, January 26, 2014


My twin sisters shared their adventures, now it is our turn. My name is Blake. My twin brother Drake is my best friend. I’ll be writing about my adventures with my brother from time to time.

I’d also like to hear about you. Do you have a brother? Is he your best friend? Do you have a favorite book?

Now you know exactly what we look like. That’s us on the cover. Do you speak other languages? I do. In fact, I am trilingual. I can speak English, French, and Spanish. My brother Drake can also speak English, French, and Spanish. We want to help you learn some basic French and Spanish. We wrote a story about our adventures in English, French , and Spanish. We hope our trilingual book will inspire you to learn French and Spanish.

 We invite you to buy a copy of our book. Our book is available from the publisher’s site. You can also find the print edition at Amazon. Books make great birthday presents and gifts for best friends. Buy a copy for all your friends. Pick up one for yourself too.

Be sure to come back next Sunday for a fun lesson in French and Spanish.

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