Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Donna M. McDine's Blog Tour

I am honored to host day three of Donna McDine's blog tour , for her newly released book, A Sandy Grave.   Please join me in welcoming her and take a moment to read her blog post. Be sure to check out the tour schedule below.  Donna is giving away a $50.00 dollars Barnes and Noble gift card. I invite all visitors to take a  few minutes to enter the giveaway.

Bringing Meaning Back into Your Lives by Donna McDine

With the ever-growing fast pace of our lives it’s difficult to not feel guilty when we do take a moment to put the brakes on and truly relish the quiet. These not often enough moments and reconnecting on a personal basis is our opportunity to bring meaning back into our lives.

In my own life, it is becoming ever apparent that I have been getting too caught up in all the technology at our fingertips. I am making it a point to disengage from technology at a certain point each day and not to turn the technology on until I’m ready to begin my day. That means, not sneaking a quick peek at email while the teakettle is coming to a boil. We all know what the quick peek means, don’t we? For me, it always ends up being 30-40 minutes and before I know it, I’ve missed that important timeframe of sitting down and enjoying a hearty breakfast before the day truly gets underway.

For quite some time, my husband and I have not allowed cell phones or any other type of technology at the dinner table. We find this to be an important opportunity to engage with our children through face-to-face conversation with each of us showing a true interest in each other’s lives. My dad started invoking this at family gatherings and not allowing cell phones to be used. At first, the grandchildren groaned. After the first time around, it was quite interesting how not just the lively conversations ensued, but how interest was taken back up in the board and card games the grandchildren used to participate in as young children. It’s not even a question anymore when the family gets together. Time spent together is focused on being together and not technology.

When someone is constantly checking his or her cell phone for the latest tweet, text, or Instagram, it’s quite disheartening for the individual you are visiting with. Being so wrapped up in technology and ignoring the living, breathing people around you, definitely sets a tone that you don’t feel the person in your presence is important enough.

Go ahead, I dare you. Turn off that darn cell phone the next time you are out with your best friend or spouse for dinner. In case of emergency situations, leave the restaurant phone number with the babysitter or your teenager. And if something arises that is truly an emergency they will still be able to each you. I promise you this, you will digest your food better, you will remember the dinner conversation fondly, and your drive home will be more peaceful because you won’t feel that you are pulled in too many directions.

I’d enjoy hearing about how you keep and plan to keep the outside world from intruding on special times had together without the interference of technology.

Thanks, Nicole, for hosting me during my Pump Up Your Book virtual book tour. I truly appreciate our friendship from the west coast to the east coast. In this instance, technology is terrific!

The anticipation of summer vacation can put anyone in a great mood with the excitement of adventures to be had--especially at the beach. But what is a group of friends to do when they discover mysterious men poaching whale teeth at the beach?


The lifeguards had their arms extended and attempted to move the crowd back. The tallest lifeguard said, “People, please stay back. The authorities will arrive to examine the whale to determine the cause of death within the hour. The whale must have died at sea and washed ashore.”


Title: A Sandy Grave
Author: Donna M. McDine
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing
Pages: 24
Language: English
Genre: Tween chapterbook
Format: Paperback, hardcover & eBook

Donna McDine is an award-winning children's author, Honorable Mention in the 77th and two Honorable Mentions in the 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competitions, Literary Classics Silver Award & Seal of Approval Recipient Picture Book Early Reader, Readers Favorite 2012 International Book Awards Honorable Mention, Global eBook Awards Finalist Children’s Picture Book Fiction, and Preditors & Editors Readers Poll 2010 Top Ten Children’s Books ~ The Golden Pathway.
Her stories, articles, and book reviews have been published in over 100 print and online publications. Her interest in American History resulted in writing and publishing The Golden Pathway. Donna’s 2013 releases of Powder Monkey and Hockey Agony and the 2014 release of A Sandy Grave will be joined by an additional book to be published by Guardian Angel Publishing, Dee and Deb, Off They Go. She writes, moms and is a personal assistant from her home in the historical hamlet Tappan, NY. McDine is a member of the SCBWI, Children’s Literature Network, and Family Reading Partnership. 

Visit Donna online at or her blog at

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  1. Thanks for hosting Donna today, Nicole. We're thrilled to have you as part of her tour. Good luck to all who enter the giveaway.

    Donna, love this post. I'm all for technology breaks and finding quality family time.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for stopping by first thing this morning and checking in. I am in awe how quickly and detailed you put my vbt together. Thank you.


    2. Cheryl,
      The pleasure is all mine, I am honored to be a part of Donna's tour. You did such a great job putting the tour together.

    3. You're both wonderful to work with. I love helping promote Donna's books because they are fantastic--both entertaining and educational. And Nicole, I know I can always count on you to be an excellent host.

      Many blessings to you.

    4. Hi Cheryl,

      And to you as well.


  2. Hi Nicole,

    My Pacific Coast dear friend. Thank you for hosting me during my vbt. I truly appreciate your support and our connection. I'll be popping back in later today to engage with visitors.


  3. Donna,

    I am so happy beyond words to host you! You are the best and so are your books! Wishing you the very best!

  4. Donna, this series is awesome. Such a great topic too. Kids need books like this to nudge them in the "green" direction. Nicole and Cheryl - terrific job, mates. This goes in my Blogs that Rock - on Pinterest.

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