Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Silence Voice by Barry Rudner

I am elated to host author Barry Rudner on my blog today.  He wrote a book that is a must read for all parents and teachers.  After reading Silence Voice, I knew right away this book is a winner.  The author chronicles in a very sensitive way the world of autistic children.  The story brought tears to my eyes. I encourage all of my readers to pick up a copy of this well written book.  Read below to find out more about Silence Voice. 

Purchase Info:

Title: Silent Voice

Genre: Children's fiction, Family

Author: Barry Rudner

Website: http://www.nickoftime.us

Publisher: Nick of Time Media, Inc.


A modern day allegory about autism awareness: that the only ought in autism is that we ought not ever give up. Ever.


Barry Rudner has been an author/poet of self-esteem books for children for over thirty years, dealing with universal truths such as, reaching for your dreams, homelessness, undying friendships, disability awareness, always being yourself, autism awareness, hope and utter silliness. He firmly believes that we cannot educate our children unless they feel good about who they are; and ultimately, as they grow up, they will not feel good about themselves unless they educate themselves.


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