Monday, February 16, 2015

Cinderella's Secret Slipper by Award winning author, Alinka Rutkowska

 I just read the most delightful book, and wanted to share my review with you all.  This is a sweet book that will ring a lot of joy  and smiles to all that read this great story.  Check out my review below:

A delightful story that will enchant the little ones in your life!  Award-winning author, Alinka Rutkowska has turned a classic story into a new classic with a modern twist.  Brilliant idea on the author's part.  The number one thing that resonates well with me with this story: It teaches the benefit of having a forgiving heart. Great way to teach kids that even when they make a mistake, one can find a safe solution. It is not necessary to use violence when kids do  foolish things. Lastly, the story teaches about family love, which has become a lost commodity in today's world.

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