Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 2015 Guardian Angel Publishing Releases

It is always a great pleasure to feature the books of people I know and admire on this blog. Today I am elated to do a post about Guardian Angel Publishing newly released children's books for May 2015.

The Baked Potato Boy

Wings of Faith

Dorris Fortson

Elliott was abandoned at the hospital in Tanzania, weighing only 1.65 lbs. His first four months were spent in a hospital bed because he was so tiny. Elliot was Neema’s House Orphanage’ Baked Potato Boy in this true story.

Academic Wings

By Melanie Lutes, illustrator Eugene Ruble

Bolt, a passenger train, can maintain speeds of 140 mph between Boston, MA and Washington, DC so the railway superintendent renames his line the Amtrak Acela

Grammy’s Gnocchi—Do dogs go to heaven?
Wings of Faith
by Patricia Karwatowicz, illustrator Kathleen Bullock

Why do pets have to die? Do pets go to heaven? Nicholas learns some answers through “memory keepers” and “adding the love” to Grammy’s gnocchi. Gnocchi recipe included.

Heaven Holds Little Samuel Tippie-Toes
Wings of Faith
by Arianne Brynn Carpenter, illlustrator Kim Merritt

Little Samuel is going to heaven, and it makes his family sad. Memories in a memory jar and whispers you hear with your heart give them all a little hope.

Health & Hygiene
by Jill Dana Siegel
A poetic look at friendship through ups and downs: sharing and imagining books, feeling well and unwell, and visiting each other. Through mixed-media clay illustrations, this book examines the narrator’s experience through a unique lens.

My Dog
Angelic Harmony hardcover and softcover
by Keith Behunin
A fun filled tale about a dog that liked to escape and explore and whose love transcended life itself. It follows a song and music video performed by Cedar Breaks® full of kids and puppies.

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