Thursday, March 17, 2011



Sibling relationships play an essential role in our development as individuals. Relationships with brothers and sisters are typically also the longest that we will experience in our lives, since most siblings outlive parents and they begin earlier than those we establish with friends.


Did you know that rivalry among siblings has its place in the natural order of things?  Some experts believe the rivalry can actual be a form of training for what people can expect to experience as they get older.  Some competitions among siblings  is healthy because   it serves as an opportunity for each sibling to do well in different areas.

My oldest son got his black belt in martial arts.  My daughter decided she would excel in academics while my youngest son made the decision to excel in sports.  What I have observed, is each child has unique gifts.  My job as a responsible parent is to support and encourage each child to be the best he or she can be.

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