Sunday, January 22, 2012


 Last Monday I came across a wonderful blog, today I joined the Friendship Friday blog hop.  The question of the week:  How did you come up with your blog's name?  I named my three blogs so bloggers would know what the blogs are about.  I am an author of four published books, it makes sense for me to use the name of each book as the title of the blogs.   Here are the names of my three blogs:  My Sister Is My Best Friend, Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle and  Remembering Nine Eleven.  Join me in making new friends!


  1. My blog name was intended to be something short and memorable, and I think I got it right. But I did get in before all the good names were taken.

  2. Mine came about because my husband & I recently retired & I thought that 2 retired newmans was appropriate. Also, I thought I could write about my journey during retirement or of just about anything I felt was important to me. When I was working I never found the time or energy to write or even read a blog...lolo Now...I think I am hooked. I just wish I had more followers.