Monday, January 30, 2012

Inspire Me Monday Blog Hop

Since coming across Create with Joy website, I have been hugely blessed each and every week.  I can't quite explain it, all I know is I so look forward to participating each week .  Reading the  different posts and blogs bring a serenity to my soul like none other.  I truly believe  all the participating bloggers that are part of this website are Godly inspired.  Thank you to all for bringing peace and joy to my overly stressed life.  I teach high school French and Spanish and much to my dismay I have 39 students in one class period.  I think I earn my salary by teaching that one class each day.  It is a very difficult situation, but with God's help I will survive.

Thank you dear friends  I am closing with a poem I wrote a while back but I think it represents my true sentiment  of what I think of  Create With Joy.

There is a place I know of that will make you forget all of your woes , come, I invite you , grab your things let’s stroll leisurely along the seashore where you can forgo of all your worries
There is a place I know of that will make your dreams come true ,all you have to do is wish away
There is a place I know of that will turn any heavy burdened heart into a carefree   one, won’t you please join me just for a moment?
There is a place I know of that will embrace you with open arms and will nourish your soul with  much needed love and tenderness
There is a place I know of that will force you to remember
that you are very special and unique and the world would not be the same without you in it
There is a place I know of that will help you see how much you are needed, for my life is now complete because you are here with me where we can learn and grow together


  1. take me there!! so much hope....

  2. Hi, Nicole. Fancy meeting you here. I'm finally getting to the bottom of the Comment Challenge list and here you are. Very nice and soothing poem, by the way. You've done well to publicize your blog---well done. It's no wonder you have so many followers.

  3. Beautiful poem. I am thrilled that I have a follower like you in my blog. You are an inspiration.

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