Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 How do you know your sisters love you?  For me the answer to that question is very easy. I am the youngest sister.  I often think back on when I was younger.  My two sisters Danielle and Rose took great care of me.  They came to the United States before me.  I remember them helping me learn English. Haiti is so different from New York. It took me time to get used to the frigid winters in New York.  My sisters were always there for me.  They made sure I had all the necessities for school.  Our Mom worked two jobs to make end meet. 

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As a young girl living in a new city far away from my native Port-au-Prince Haiti, my sisters helped me assimilate to the American way of life by taking me to many functions.  They accompanied me to see the yearly Christmas and Easter shows at Radio City Music Hall. They took me to the movies and Coney Island.  These memories will reside in me forever.

Later, when I got married and had children, my sisters continued to support me by spoiling my three kids.    Coming up with the title of my second children book was not too difficult.  I wanted to dedicate a book to my sisters and that is how I came up with the title: My Sister Is My Best Friend.

I wrote the story to show that siblings can get along and it is fun to take time to do things together as opposed to fighting and arguing.  The story is written in English, French, and Spanish for a reason.   One reviewer captured the true essence of the book:

Nicole Weaver's children's book, My Sister is My Best Friend: A Trilingual Story, is a whimsy, fresh faced and full of confection. Yet, when one thinks about the book, it is soon evident the story has an important message. It is an homage to sisterhood even, and especially, at such a callow age.

The three languages, English, Spanish and French add to the globalness, and the girls become "everygirl." Similarities are so much more important than differences in today's tiny world, and Nicole's books prove this to be true.

The happy mood is captured beautifully by Clara Batton Smith's yummy watercolors. The sisters are dressed alike and are delighted with the day and the outing with each other and their mother. I particularly like the city feel of the illustrations.

Nicole dedicated the story to her three sisters, and the love she feels for them shines through within the book's pages. Delightfully, in fact.
 This is a gorgeous read all the way around. You're guaranteed to love it!

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I hope you can answer the question: How do you know your sisters love you with a positive answer. Having siblings that support you is a gift that is worth millions.


  1. A lovely review for what sounds like a precious book. Glad I stopped in to read about it today.

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