Monday, July 16, 2012


Do you believe in giving with a purpose? Have you ever given to a charity just for the sake of giving? I think at one point we all have done that. Charitable contributions have taken a huge dive because of the economy. The only recourse we have is to do a thorough research to make sure the money is being used properly.

I believe most people that give do it because they mean well.   Having great intentions is no guarantee the money you give will be used for what you intended it to be used for.  This past week I had a rude awakening.  It broke my heart when I learned my monthly contribution that was meant to help the poor of Haiti was used to pay the salaries of pastors.  I had heard about a church that sends monthly contributions to Haiti to help feed the needy, so I figured it would be a great idea to send them a monthly check.

 I trusted the person who told me about the Haitian church, so I blindly gave my money.  I realized I can’t hop on a plane to go feed the hungry but the least I can do is to make monetary contributions.

As fate would have it, the week I found out how my contributions were diverted for other things is the same week I got a copy of the book:  Angels of a Lower Flight written by Susie Scott Krabacher , a former playboy centerfold.  I read the book in one day.   I have learned many things from reading this book.  The most important thing I learned is   there are people who are honest and like me they want to help Haiti’s needy.  Angels of a Lower Flight will help you see a genuine look at what goes on in my native Haiti.  It is a story of courage.  Susie Krabacher turned her destructive childhood and troubled youth and healed herself completely by serving love on a silver platter to Haiti’s children.

Her story of courage re-kindled my heart with a new desire to help the poor children of Haiti.  I found the courage to forgive the pastor that deceived me into thinking my monthly contribution was for the poor.  I have since learned how to give with a purpose.  I mean, I work very hard to earn a living so I can provide for my children.  My daughter just graduated from college and I have one more child to attend college. I give most of the proceeds from my book sales for Haiti relief and now, my contribution will be going to Mercy & Sharing.

If you would like to make a contribution you can visit  MERCY & SHARING

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