Monday, May 30, 2016

May 2016 Guardian Angel Releases

Join me in congratulating newly released books from Guardian Angel Publishing!

Baby Poopsie Loves Ears
Littlest Angels
by Deb Gardner Allard art by Jack Foster
The humorous story of Poopsie, a baby who becomes fascinated by Mommy’s ear and won’t let go, until he discovers that Daddy has ears, too!

Christopher's Science Magic
Academic Wings 
by MJKelso art by KC Snider 
Christopher takes a science project to school that delights the other boys but frightens Sarah into running away. Early Chapter book. 

Maxine the Strong-Willed Elephant 
Littlest Angels 
Dorris Fortson 
Maxine the Strong-Willed Elephant parallels the true story of an abandoned baby in Africa who found a new family at Neema House Arusha. Neema means Grace in the Swahili language and is a home for abandoned and orphaned babies in Arusha, Tanzania. 

Sloth the Lazy Dragon hardcover and softcover 
Health & Hygiene 
by Regan W H Macaulay art by Alex Zgud 
Through a sensible diet and plenty of exercise, a brave dwarf helps a heavy dragon named Sloth to lose weight so he can fly again. 

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