Sunday, May 6, 2012

Celebrating Children's Book-Week

Welcome all to children's book week!

 The Therapeutic Benefits of Writing

People develop a love for writing for different reasons.  I began writing in 2008 after my second born went away to college.   Most evenings I cried myself to sleep.  I started by writing poetry and later I ventured out by writing a children’s picture book.

Before too long writing became the activity that afforded me an opportunity to escape from missing my son and daughter.   I derived great pleasure from seeing the printed words.  I later wrote a second manuscript and submitted it to a publisher.  Much to my delight, my second children’s trilingual book was published November 2011.

I am now hooked on writing for children.  The single best strategy for helping all children succeed is to encourage them to read.  Reading is a skill that’s essential in all areas of achievement.

I believe reading well is a critical component in the development of young minds.  Reading frequently will help a child foster his or her creative thinking, enhance word recognition, improve cognitive skills, and help achieve a greater understanding of people and the world around him/her.

In celebration of children’s book week, I encourage you to take time  to read a book  to your child or grandchild.

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  1. A great encouragement, Nicole. Children who are read to grow into strong readers and effective communicators.

  2. I agree entirely Nicole. Your post made excellent points.

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  3. Like you, I began writing for children after my own flew the coop! The nest seems fuller somehow with stories in there with me. Your encouragements are wonderful and you make good points. Thanks for the reminders!

  4. How fortunate for us that you healed your heart by writing. I think we share the same philosophy when it comes to children and reading. I enjoyed reading your post and will be back this week to see what you have for us to ponder. I'd like to invite you to visit my blog. I discuss my earl learner's literacy program, MyLMNOP. I'd love to have you:

    1. Pam,

      Thanks for stopping by. I will hop over and visit you too.

  5. Hi Nicole,

    Terrific post! Writing can certainly set one tone and clear the mind. I agree...reading and reading a lot is essential for communicating throughout out lives. Forge it early in our young muses for a life time of reading!

    Best regards,

  6. Thanks for the great post, Nicole! I also believe that writing is one of the best theraphies.


    1. Hi Mayra,

      Nice to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Writing, just like reading, is a great escape. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Nicole.