Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Making Time to Write
Welcome to day three of Children’s Book Week!

 To help escape from the depression of my two oldest attending college out of state; I would spend every spare moment writing.  Household chores piled up.  I drove my poor husband crazy until I came to realize I could no longer neglect my other responsibilities.  I later made the decision to schedule my writing during vacation from my teaching position.

During the first week of Christmas vacation 2009, I sat down to write and for some strange reason I drew a total blank.  I soon realized it is better to do a little writing every day.   Developing a daily habit of writing made it easier for my muse to flow.   There’s nothing more frustrating than staring at a blank computer screen.  I see writing daily as an integral way to stay connected to my creativity. 
Having a classroom full of students has been a tremendous way to get ideas for my writing. Therefore, before going to bed, I write for one hour.  

If you find that your day is too full to set time for writing, here’s what you can do.

1)      Start out with just half an hour a day- Everyone can find 30 minutes.  I gave up watching the evening news.

2)      Be creative- I purchased a netbook that I carry with me everywhere.  The netbook is lightweight and instead of taking a full 45 minutes for lunch, I spend the last 15 minutes writing.

3)      Going on vacation?  I take my netbook and get up early before heading out to tour or hang out on the beach or pool.  Doing this gives me a great feeling of accomplishment, and I am able to go have a grand time the rest of the day.

In celebration of children’s book week, I encourage those with a desire to write for children to make time to write.   Do not let a busy schedule keep you from developing yourself as a writer.  You never know how   the book you write may change the life of a child.  All it takes is one book that may be instrumental in helping a child develop a lifelong relationship with reading and learning.

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  1. Great post, Nicole! I'm so happy you found a way to write a little every day. I'd go absolutely nuts if I could only write during holidays.


    1. Hi Mayra,

      Yep! I understand fully . If I did not have to put my youngest through college I would retire from teaching so I can write full time. I envy you and other authors who do not have to work. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I really love this post,Nicole. So straightforward and honest. You've said a lot here, all helpful.

    Continued success this week and beyond...

  3. I think you are brave just for trying to limit yourself! Writing is so personal and everyone has to find a routine that works best for them as well as fits into a hectic lifestyle. The most important thing, which you modeled so perfectly here, is to not be afraid to change things up until you find that good fit. What works for one, isn't always the best for another. Write on, Nicole!

    1. Kai,

      It is very hard for me to be so limited. I am thankful for the time I do have to do some writing. Thanks for your input.

  4. What good advice~ Like you, if I can steal a little time here and a little time there from my daily schedule, it's amazing how much you can get done in small doses...now, if I could do the same with exercise....!

    1. Hi Sharon,

      You crack me up! I know what you mean about the exercise. I too, have to make time for it.

  5. Splendid advice! I love the idea of your netbook. 15 minutes a day gives great results by weeks end! Keep up the great work!