Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day Six: Children's Book Week Celebration

Welcome to day Six of Children’s Book Week Celebration

Library Visits

Doing library visits is one way an author can get more exposure for his/her book. I did a series of library visits to promote my first book.   I was amazed at how many French-speaking children that came to my book reading.   It is a great way to make contact with potential buyers for future books.  I have several readings set up for the month of June and July to promote my newest book: My Sister Is My Best Friend.  I am looking forward to the readings because some of the same families that attended my other readings will be there.

Many good things can come out of these visits.  Parents who attend the readings usually go home and tell their friends and family about it.  That free promotion can open many doors. People in general love meeting a local author.
Last month, I attended an author event sponsored by my local library.   I did not sell many books, but I met many great authors, and together we plan to do cross promotion.   Below is a brief interview on the event.   Deb Parker is the Executive Assistant/Events and Program Director at my local library.

1) How do you find authors to participate in the event? Do you advertise in the local newspapers?

To find our authors I sent out emails to all formerly attending authors and invite them. I also ask them to share the invitation with all of their author friends, writers groups, publishers, etc.
As far as advertising, we have each author advertise on their blogs, websites, Facebook, etc., And I advertise in the Englewood Herald, YourHub, my Facebook, City website, I have some contacts at other libraries that hang up information for us, local business gets the word out for us, I have some contacts with authors and radio hosts who will put in plugs for us leading up to the event.

Unfortunately, this year was warm and beautiful, and I think people were enjoying the Colorado Spring too much and forgot to come see us. For example, one of our regulars (all previous 12 years) missed this year because he started trimming his bushes and was having so much fun in his yard that he didn’t even think of us until 6:30 pm. It happens.

2) What must an author do in order to do a book reading in your library?

Authors contact me, and I see what we can do to have a reading for them in our library.

3) On the average how many books can an author sell at MEET THE FACES BEHIND THE BOOKS yearly event.

Our average so far has been 6 until the last three or four years. With the drop in the economy, and the emergence of E-book technologies, we have seen a decline in book sales. At this year’s event, the average sales were 4. We did have quite a few of our patrons comment on how much fun they had buying the books for their Kindle or Nook while talking to the authors.
I would add that with Social Media and all the writers groups that are out there, it is refreshing to see new people contacting us all the time. We have found authors through all sorts of different avenues than in years past. I love that authors, though competitive to sell their own works, are also willing to encourage other authors to join them whenever possible. It makes for fun and diverse groups of authors. It seems that the mix of authors gets better every year.
In celebration of Children’s Book week, let’s make every effort to get our books in the hands of kids.

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  1. Oh Nicole this info on libraries is so helpful! I appreciate you writing it up...I wondered how to go about approaching libraries (if and when I publish!) so now I know.

  2. I agree with Sharon. Great information. Libraries are where you meet kids AND their book buying parents and grand-parents etc. I LOVE libraries.

    BOOKS for KIDS - Manuscript Critiques

  3. thank you for a great post and I agree libraries are the best route to spread the news

    1. Nata,

      I am so thankful you made time to stop by. Thanks a mil!

  4. thank you for a great post
    and I agree that libraries are the best route to spread the news :)